A blend of science
and artistry.

Our attention to detail ensures quality products are delivered each and every time.


The purity of our oils is a reflection of our commitment to integrity.


We use the latest technologies to bring life to Unlimited Possibilities.

Quality Assurance

Our testing protocols conform to GLP to ensure consistency and conformity to globally recognized standards for mint oils.

Research and Development

Our team is engaged in research which supports your supply chain demands.
Whether it is varietal development or global sustainability agendas in water use and crop protection chemical reduction, RCB is active. Our focus is on ensuring a stable supply of high-quality oils conforming to the ever-evolving requirements of our customers.

Essential Oils

We supply essential oils of Peppermint, Spearmint, Erospicata, Dillweed and other mint varieties. Our buyers contract directly with producers in all growing areas to ensure a supply of the best quality oils available. We offer natural, rectified and triple distilled essential oils. We also create custom blends for a wide variety of flavor & fragrance applications.



We create blends and qualities to meet our customer’s proprietary specifications and formulations. We are able to handle both small and large orders with equal efficiency. Our centrifuge, blending and fractional distillation equipment provide us the capabilities to replicate any specific quality of mint oil which our customers may require.